Alright here’s what will happen from the votes

Thank you to those who had voted for the next couple of updates to the site. To list what I will start with:

First will be– Ta-dah!- Schematics of “How to create” certain building structures

Second will be news update on Vers 1.7 testing builds.

Third will be: Settler Damage + Weapon Vs. Enemy Types

Fourth will be: More Player starting guides

Fifth will be: Profession Base Experience bar per level

I also saw some people voting for “Others.” If you did vote for others, please leave a comment on this post about which other contents you are interested in knowing.

So to continue on! For the first one, “How to create”, what would you, the players, want to know how to build? I will do both a YT video and a step-by-step write-out for every building.

Comment below what type of buildings you’d like me to build!