Patch 1.7 – Testing build update!

Hi respected players, and buyers. Today I am posting to inform everyone about the testing on patch 1.7. We testers had been given a more flushed out and more bug-free build to test out. Guess what this means? It means that patch 1.7 may be coming sooner than expected. I understand that a lot of players have been looking forward to this patch. Yes. Including those who are trying to rush the developers to push out 1.7 to green-light on Steam. However, please understand rushing any type of updates will kill the game by forcing developers to released broken updates. For example, Stonehearth. Anyways on to the updates and news about the testing:

Recently, a new testing build was released on September 17, 2015, to the testers in Blue. This new build fixed a lot of the major issues occurring in the builds prior to this.

Major bugs such as:

  1. wolves defying death and avenging themselves by killing off the settler who killed them.
  2. wolves doing magic acts on the map: disappearing and reappearing.
  3. Foragers unable to path-find with its new autonomy options.
  4. GIANT! GIANT Skeleton summons from Necromancers wrecking the map.
  5. Monsters suiciding themselves by drowning themselves in water.
  6. And more!

There were a lot of issues in regard to the new AI system of the monsters. However, with these major bugs being fixed, the small minor bugs were quickly fixed a long with it afterwards. However, there are lot of skepticism when it came to the new build. Stating what Ethrel said on testing development, ” Well, we’ve had builds out for testers for a while now. And a lot of people seem to be getting antsy for the release. So, here’s a quick update.

There were a number of major issues found with the tester builds. First off, due to a crash, we lost a huge portion of the asset file linkages. Huge portions of assets went missing as far as the code was concerned. It took a build or two to track all of those missing links down and re-establish it. Yay corrupted data! (Side note: You don’t realize how crucial to the survival of your settlement something like a tanning rack is until it’s missing…)

While we were sorting that out, the testers also found a number of game-breaking bugs with the new enemies and we managed to nail down a bunch there. I publicly linked to a video of a major wolf issue. It is just one of a few complicated issues. Over the span of the last month or so, we’ve managed to murderate a number of major bugs as well as a ton of minor ones. We’re on tester build number 4 or 5 now with the major known bugs out of the way. So far, after a few days, I’m optimistic that this may be the last test build for this release as I haven’t seen any major issues reported, and the testers are starting to talk back and forth about balancing tweaks (which is always a sign that they have nothing more important — read: bugs — to discuss). There’s only one issue on the list that worries me slightly, but hopefully that’ll be a relatively simple fix once we go over the code related to it. So, fingers crossed.” He goes on to explain and clarify the process of how testing is done on Timber and Stone.

With everything almost reaching the final stages, the blue testers now are bringing on the hurt to the developers by trying to convince them to update the current features in the game by either improving on it or by inputting a placeholder for the future. We also trying to balance the game play and abuse the game is taking from the players themselves. Yes, we are looking at the spamming of buildings to level up.


This is how new game changing features are added into the game. We fight and wrestle with the developers to add something new and refreshing to the game.

-Please look forward to the new update!



P.S. I will be adding a full change log and update list before 1.7 is released to the public. Excited? Can’t wait? Sorry. See ya next time!


  • Will be adding how to build in water using scaffolding soon. I have a video of how to do that on my YouTube channel, but I feel like the quality and explaining went to hell.
  • Please tell me what types of buildings you’d like me to build. Chicken coops, barns, etc. <— those medieval types of buildings please.