Wealth System (?) – My fault & more

farmers during their work

Sorry guys. I just noticed that I forgot to explain how the wealth system is calculated in the game. Even though it is just a place-holder system for something more complex, it is still important to explain it. Tonight I will immediately create a page fully explaining how the wealth system currently works, what it affects, and more.

Also the developers are busy crushing minor bugs, but I get the feeling they are adding more new features than the ones we just finished testing by how silent they are in the testing forum this week.

Also, I have finished recording the change-log for the pre-1.7 update release. There were 4 major AI changes to the game and one of them takes the cake for being a big game changer. Monsters will now be deadlier than before, operating on a system similar to the settlers AI while growing stronger by a system that’s unaffected by wealth. However the greatest change is the – secret. Game performance greatly improved and path-finding is way smoother than before for both settlers and monster AI.

Alright, here’s my planned schedule for this coming week. There’s a possible chance I may not get everything done because I have a lot of essays to complete for school. However, I will at least finish the most important ones.

Will be adding:

  • Today: The wealth system
  • Maybe by Sunday: If I get approval, I will release the pre-1.7 patch update for the testing build (It is of yet finalized since there may be more additions to be added.)
  • Future additions:
    • How to build in water (Dry-docking using scaffolds)
    • Schematics: Farm houses, windmills, boats, aqueducts, and more!
    • Damage chart

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