Here Comes the Invasion System Explanation!

So for many players, new and old, is an explanation on how Monster invasions work in the game. Hopefully the information provided will help with the settlements survivability in the early game. Here’s the link to the information: The Invasion System

To Explain: The invasion system is what spawns the monsters on the map. It determines monster invasions through three factors of the players settlement: Total Unit Count, Total Days-in-game, and Total Wealth. More is explained in the link above. I just wished the developers would give me a point spreadsheet for the Invasion System. I hope it helps! If there are any questions, just comment on the any related posts, or message me. Thanks!

Also for more news. There will be a front page update on the official website by one of the developers, Z903, tomorrow. Get excited because I, too, want to know what is going to be announced.