More News on Patch 1.7!

Sorry guys for the slow updates, but I have caught a fever. I am also busy trying to complete my essays, so I will not be having time to update more content till next week. However, I have some news on the test! And one welcoming news to newcomers and old players is that testing should wrap up in about two more testing builds.

Recently, there was a build release that included a couple of new features/changes to the game, such as builders were taken out of the game and fatigue & sleep being taken out of the game. In this test build, an argument erupted about having sleep & fatigue taken away. Also the clunkiness of putting way too many tasks on two profession.

A new system has taken its place for sleep/fatigue. It is now changed to something completely different. There were many other changes, but those features were fine to implement. But only two out of the four-to-five changes were something that was worth arguing and clashing heads. However, compromises were made. One major change is that beds will now have a major importance in the game. And if you think the game is easy right now, the difficulty has been cranked up three notches with the other added features, and balances.

Think you can abuse, beat up, and cheat the merchant? Well now say no more! The exchange rate took a turn for the worse and dipped. If the older patches were deflations of economy, then now I would consider it as a sudden inflation. Yes. Is been heavily balanced

The aim of Update 1.7 is to speed up the game’s pace. Progression itself is controversy when the testers were arguing because the only thing ramped up was the difficulty of surviving. However, progression of the settlement is still stagnant. But I leave that up to the players to decide. Update 1.7 will bring back the difficulty of survival and its intention is aimed at pleasing the newcomers through steam. Understand that this game is suppose to be a difficult roguelike survival game with progression to both settlement, monsters, and nature.

In updates after 1.7, there will be probably be a lot of small updates meant to improve gameplay. Changes and balances, additional and taking away feature, the dev and testers aim is to slowly improve the game without hindering progression of the game.

1.7 aim is to:

  • Speed up Game Pace
  • Increase difficulty as close to its original state
  • Appease the newcomers (increase fun, not boredom)

I hope this news will please you guys! Thankyou for always coming by and supporting the site. Feel free to follow the blog, and/or donate to help me upgrade the site!


Thanks! Back to studying.