Update 1.7 is here!!!

Hello guys! TeoXD here reporting:

Today, the long awaited updated has been released to the public for testing! Yup 1.7 is now released with lots of changes. Steam release will happen after post bugs are fixed. Shouldn’t be long from now before Timber and Stone is released onto a new market. Also There were a lot of changes this time around. I may have missed some, but I made sure to tell you guys what are important! I will be updating the site gradually tomorrow as I am very tired from school, and the crammed testing. I hope you guys are enjoying the game so far! TeoXD is out!!

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Change log:

Patch 1.7:

  • Compatibility with 1.6.3 and older(clean 1.7 start eliminates all of the bugs currently listed):
    *Warning: Old maps loaded will have all animals, monsters, and merchants dead or de-spawned on load.
    *Warning: Loading 1.6.3 maps on 1.7 patch will still have bugs that were already fixed.
    *Warning: Wild Fauna will re-spawn at faster rate.
    *Warning: Foragers will harvest an inaccurate amount of materials from wolves, goblins, and spiders.

Added features:

  • New game mechanic:
    *Added “Spotting” feature: Monsters can only bee seen on the map if in range of allied units LoS.
    *Added “Skeletons and Goblins will now equip weapons that settlers can equip” : Point system – Monsters gets stronger with each point, allowing them to equip higher grade weapons.
    *Dead Corpses of Monsters and Allied units will disappear in 3 in-game days.
    *Added “Fog of War” for new Spotting feature
    *Monsters Invasion system are reworked.
    *Fatigue system now changed to healing. Beds are more important now.
  • Pacing changes

-Day/Night cycle:
* Day time is longer, and night time is shorter.
* Time moves faster

  • Game Difficulty:
    *Invasions of monsters increased/balanced
    *Enemies use asynchronous path finding; smoother AI movements.

-Trading system balanced:
* Before the merchants were being abused by the players, now an inflation occurred. Prices and amounts are adjusted

  • Monster AI:
    *Spiders can now climb upside down.
    *New Models and Animations: Skeletons, wolves, and goblins
    *Changes to Goblin drops: coins, scrap metal, and food.
    *More intelligent Monster AI movements: NO more dumb skeletons walking by getting sliced to death without attacking back.
    *Enemy has the same AI as the players settlers: Monsters will also have their own morale and hunger.
    *Wolves now has a wolf pack mentality.
  • Monster ticketing system added:

  • The way monsters spawn now requires an amount of tickets that each and every monster holds. The amount they hold will effect their spawn chances, and rate.

*Monster factions:
– Spiders attacks skeletons, wolves, and goblins
– Wolves are now part of the fauna faction. Attacks skeleton, goblins, spiders, and domesticated animals.
– Goblins attacks skeletons , spiders, and wolves.
– Skeletons attacks goblins, spiders, and wolves.
– All monsters will create their own faction (They can attack their own race)
– Goblins now drop food, gold coin, and scrap.

  • Necromancer:
    *New Model
    *Necromancer now control his own skeletons and can raise them to fight for him. Dead soldiers will also be raised from the dead to fight for him.
    *Skeleton army now grows as the days goes by.
  • When necromancer spawns, other monsters spawn chances are lowered. Boss fight anyone?
  • Wild Fauna:
    *New Models and Animation: Sheep and Boars
    *All animals can now swim.

  • Profession updates:
    *Forager: Can now dispose enemy corpses (Autonomy List).
    *Foragers will not need a knife to forage wild wheat.
    *Units will only sleep when there is a bed, and if injured.
    *Added a scroll adjustment for when units go to sleep to heal
    *Units will now go through each other as long as one does not stand still.
    *Units have improved movement speed

  • Settler sight range is now lowered at night, thus increasing fog of war during those hours
  • Settlers no longer sleep on ground.
  • Adjustment to professions experience gain

  • Taken out of the patch:
    *Spider Matriarch
    *Wolf Riders
    *Fatigue system is now gone from the game

  • Added new Content:

    • Herding designation:
    • Can now be designated through fences/building blocks
  • Construction block:

  • New blocks added: Great stone (wall), Wood Log (Wall), Nordic Shingles (Roof)

  • Beds:

  • Beds now heal. Adjustments to healing rate on beds.

  • Few changes to resources, crafting times, recipes, and their crafters.

  • not a few, but lots of adjustments were needed for items to reflect their cost
  • Fixed Change-log:
    *Archers will now not go melee the enemy if there are still arrows.
    *Unit-Collision path-finding: Settlers can now go through doors and pass through it each other without getting stuck. (Fixes settlers not being able to path-find through each other that caused path-finding issues and frame drops)

    • Game performance update:
      *Frame drops decreased with the new path-finding, less cluttering.
      *Decrease the amount of fire particles when necromancer attacks and fire burns faster; decreases frame drops.