Hi! TeoXD from the forum has arrived. I am here to present you this blog site that is filled with lots of newfound knowledge of the game Timber and stone. For those who do not have the game or do not know what it is, you can go to their official website : Timber and Stone . Okay continuing on, this blog site includes Game manuals, facts, walkthroughs, and links that will lead you, the player, to more helpful information. You can converse on the site, post comments on mistakes, or even spread new knowledge that I had overlooked. My aim is to promote this game for people to enjoy and help them grow as a new game while helping those who are lost on how to play find the right information they need. This game is worth the money and time to play. Thanks for supporting me, this site, and this game. I wish you guys the best of luck on not getting destroyed. Bye!

T&S Forum Username: TeoXD

Steam name: Nekomimi

Youtube Channel: TeoGuide Channel

Twitch Channel: TearRip Twitch