Update 1.7 is here!!!

Hello guys! TeoXD here reporting:

Today, the long awaited updated has been released to the public for testing! Yup 1.7 is now released with lots of changes. Steam release will happen after post bugs are fixed. Shouldn’t be long from now before Timber and Stone is released onto a new market. Also There were a lot of changes this time around. I may have missed some, but I made sure to tell you guys what are important! I will be updating the site gradually tomorrow as I am very tired from school, and the crammed testing. I hope you guys are enjoying the game so far! TeoXD is out!!

(Click more to see the change log)

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More News on Patch 1.7!

Sorry guys for the slow updates, but I have caught a fever. I am also busy trying to complete my essays, so I will not be having time to update more content till next week. However, I have some news on the test! And one welcoming news to newcomers and old players is that testing should wrap up in about two more testing builds. Continue reading

Plans for tonight and tomorrow while waiting for the next testing build

While I am waiting for the new testing build for this weekend (I am very excited since they are adding a new feature that I kept badgering them about, and it is a major new feature),

I plan to edit all the current pages on the site. I will do two things: Update the pages with new, more accurate information, and try to make the pages seem more neat.

I will also spend my time editing the PDF Game manual since it is kind of outdated in my book. Other than that, If you guys have any questions. Hit me with it!

Make sure to hit the follow button for new updates on the game, and this site! I hope you guys are enjoying the site!


Here Comes the Invasion System Explanation!

So for many players, new and old, is an explanation on how Monster invasions work in the game. Hopefully the information provided will help with the settlements survivability in the early game. Here’s the link to the information: The Invasion System

To Explain: The invasion system is what spawns the monsters on the map. It determines monster invasions through three factors of the players settlement: Total Unit Count, Total Days-in-game, and Total Wealth. More is explained in the link above. I just wished the developers would give me a point spreadsheet for the Invasion System. I hope it helps! If there are any questions, just comment on the any related posts, or message me. Thanks!

Also for more news. There will be a front page update on the official website by one of the developers, Z903, tomorrow. Get excited because I, too, want to know what is going to be announced.


Wealth System (?) – My fault & more

farmers during their work

Sorry guys. I just noticed that I forgot to explain how the wealth system is calculated in the game. Even though it is just a place-holder system for something more complex, it is still important to explain it. Tonight I will immediately create a page fully explaining how the wealth system currently works, what it affects, and more.

Also the developers are busy crushing minor bugs, but I get the feeling they are adding more new features than the ones we just finished testing by how silent they are in the testing forum this week.

Also, I have finished recording the change-log for the pre-1.7 update release. There were 4 major AI changes to the game and one of them takes the cake for being a big game changer. Monsters will now be deadlier┬áthan before, operating on a system similar to the settlers AI while growing stronger by a system that’s unaffected by wealth. However the greatest change is the – secret. Game performance greatly improved and path-finding is way smoother than before for both settlers and monster AI.

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Patch 1.7 – Testing build update!

Hi respected players, and buyers. Today I am posting to inform everyone about the testing on patch 1.7. We testers had been given a more flushed out and more bug-free build to test out. Guess what this means? It means that patch 1.7 may be coming sooner than expected. I understand that a lot of players have been looking forward to this patch. Yes. Including those who are trying to rush the developers to push out 1.7 to green-light on Steam. However, please understand rushing any type of updates will kill the game by forcing developers to released broken updates. For example, Stonehearth. Anyways on to the updates and news about the testing:

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