• In the Wild:
    • Boars are burly animals that could be foraged or herded.
    • Spawn rate: Dependent on the percentage given in the map generator when selecting a piece of land to start on.
    • How to forage:
      • If you don’t have a knife, you can equip foragers with a bow and a wooden club.
    • When foraged, they will give:
      • Animal hair, fur, fat, and food.

  • When Herded:
    •  Boars will offer the town with a renewable source of Boar hair:
      •  Equip a herder with a sheer to harvest animal hair:
        • Animal hair could be obtained after the boar turns dark brown with a shear.
      • When butchered with a knife:
        • Animal fat, animal hide, animal hair, and food.
      • What do they eat:
      • They eat wheat and only wheat.
        • Wheat could be obtained from Wild Wheat, wheat farms, merchants, and incoming settlers.
        • Herders will place wheat into Feeding troughs built by stone mason.
        • These resource counter will go from 0 to 1 in approximately…
        • Real Time:
          • Boar hair (animal hair): 2 hours, 46.6 minutes
            • Boar hair (animal hair): 0.0001 per second