• In the Wild:
    • Chicken are the cutest and delectable animal to forage and eat. They could be herded for greater use and effectiveness, but that’s up to you and how hungry your men are for food.
      • Spawn rate: Dependant on the percentage given in the map generator when selecting a piece of land to start on.
      • You can butcher them and kill them early if you are desperate for food in the beginning – “Piii~
    • When hunted, they will give you:
      • food, feather, and animal fat.



  • When Herded:
    • Chickens will offer the town with renewable source of goods:
      • Feathers and eggs (food)
      • When butchered with a knife: Animal fat (hardly drops), feathers, and eggs(food).
    • What do they eat: They eat wheat and only wheat.
      • Wheat could be obtained from Wild Wheat, wheat farms, merchants, and incoming settlers.
      • Herders will place wheat into Feeding troughs built by stone mason.
      • These resource counter will go from 0 to 1 in approximately…
      • Real Time:
        • Chicken feather: 2 hours, 46.6 minutes
          • Chicken feather: 0.0001 per second
        • Chicken egg (food): 16.6 minutes
          • Chicken egg (food): 0.001 per second