Construction Block Type:

cons1 cons2


The construction option allows the player to build their own buildings using different type of blocks provided by the game. This gives the user/player the ability to customize their own buildings , defence, and terrain. You can find the construction option in the Design option of the UI.

To get to the construction screen, Left-click on Design on the menu bar above. Left-Click Construction and it will bring up the construction list of blocks. There are currently five block types: Terrain, Walls, Flooring, Roofing, and Utility.


Terrain blocks:

Dirt Grass Sand Stone
Dirt1 grass sand1 stone


Walls black:

Castle Bricks Castle Ruins Timbered Bricks Fieldstone Full Timber
castelbrick Castle Ruins Timberbrick Fieldstone Full Timber
Timbered Plaster Mossy Plaster Umber Brick Pale Brick Plastered Brick
Timbered Plaster Mossy Plaster Umberbrick Pale Brick Plasteredbrick

Flooring Blocks:

Cobblestone Brown

Cobblestone Grey Flatstone Pavestone Brown

Pavestone Grey

cobblebrown cobblestone grey Flatstone Pavestone Brown Pavestone Grey


Smooth Timber

Timbered Floor Timber Tiles

Timber Planks

SmoothTimber Timbered Floor Timbered Tiles Timber Planks

Roofing Blocks:

Ceramic Roof

Wood Tile Roof

Thatch Roof

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Roof Wood Tile Roof Thatch Roof Ceramic Tiled Roof


Utility Blocks:



Fence scaffolding