Construction Block Screen:


When you click on one of the five types, a list of blocks for that specific type will be shown. After selecting a block, you will get to the block screen. The picture above is the Construction Block Screen. The small boxes on the bottom of the block image are the four options for building blocks (Solid, Decorate, Slopes, and Pillar). Each options is only available to specific block types.

Here’s a list so you can tell if it the option is on, off, or if it’s just not available:





Option Not Available


The Types of Options:

Also, here’s a list explaining the option types currently in the game and it’s uses.

Option Type:



Square Block

Creates a square block to be placed.If only this option is on, the player will get a solid square block without the outer carved edges. This will help give variety to the constructing.

( Available to Terrain, Walls, Flooring, and Utility.)



Creates an incline block to be placed.

Press spacebar to rotate the slope block to form different types of angles.

(Available to Terrain and Roof Typed blocks)



Creates a stepping block to be placed.

Used to create stairs.

(Currently Not Available in the Game)


Sharpe Edge

Creates a sharped block to be placed.

(Currently Not Available in the Game)


Decorative Square Block

Creates a carved out square block to be placed.

Difference between a square and decorative block :

If square block options is on, you can place an uncarved wall block.

If the Decorative Square block is on with the square block option, you can place a carved out decorative wall.

(Only Available to Walls)



Place and stack three blocks of the same type on top of each other to create a pillar-like effect.

Every 1 x 1 x 3 will create a pillar.

(Available Only to Walls)

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