◌ Engineer:





  • Engineer Profession class, master of techniques with their devastating fingers.
  • Used to build training dummies and targets for infantry and archer practices.
  • Can build strong castle gates and build Ballista. “Yes those things that can hurl one of your men 10 squares and lodge him/her into a tree.” – Don’t try it at home.
  • Engineers can be equip with stone hammers, solid hammers (unbreakable), and strong hammers (unbreakable).
  • Faster crafting speed each level.


What Engineers can build:

  • Doors:
    • Castle Arch Gate (Level 7)
    • Castle Gate (Level 7)
  • Military:
    • Archery Target (Level 2)
    • Training Dummy (Level 3)
  • Siegecraft:
    • Ballista (Level 12)