◌ Fisherman:






  • The Fisherman Profession are dominates the coastal/river regions with mastery of catching fishes.
  • The only profession at the moment that can catch fish as long as there is water.
  • The can equip Fishing rod (breakable) and Strong Fishing rod (unbreakable, 6% bonus resources).
  • Not all water blocks will have fish spawns in them. The fisherman will search the map to find a reachable water block that has fish:
    • Fishes will spawn in random water blocks around the map. The amount of food obtained from fishing will be random, but will also be highly influenced by the level of the fisherman and their tools.
    • Fisherman can Fish up to three blocks above water.
  • Each Level-up: Faster gathering speed and higher chance of gathering more resources.


What they can build:

  • Storage( food/seed):
    • Fish Rack(Level 1)