× Farming Mechanic:

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  • Your farmers will collect seeds during harvest until they have enough seeds to provide for the amount of farming space you’ve designated.

This means that when you designate a 4×3 farming plot, your farmers will continue harvesting seed until it reaches the threshold 12 – 24 seeds. After reaching the seed threshold for that plot of farm, the farmers will start producing food and seeds until the food to seed ratio is stable. That’s why when I first start out. I would build 4 x 3 plots of lands to reach the seed-to-plot threshold faster and slowly increase from there. Be careful of placing large farms too early.

(Hint: At the beginning, immediately start farming with two – three farmers. If you have wheat seed and food seed (corn, etc.), start growing wheat with a 4×3 plot of land and food with a 4 x 2. If you have multiple food seeds, start designating two plots of land, both with food 4 x 3. vice versa.)