How to Set-up Guard Position:

Step One:

design bar- mili

  • Go to the Left side of the screen, on the Game UI, Left-click on DESIGN.
  • Then Left-click on Military.

Step Two:


  • Left-click on Guard Position to get the square blue marker for it.

Step Three:


  • Left click a spot with the marker to mark a spot to guard.
  • Then left click the blue square on the ground to bring up the Guard Position Setting.
    • Size: Increases the space the guard can move around in.
    • You can increase the amount of Guards for that spot, but the amount of guards for a spot is dependent on the size of the spot.
    • You can set the type of units for that spot.
    • Remove: To delete the Guard Spot.
  • After everything is set, go to your Infantry or Archer unit, select them, press F5, and select Stand at Guard Position.


You are Finished!