How to Set-up a Patrol Route For Military:

Step One:

design bar- mili

  • Go to the Left side of the screen, on the Game UI, Left-click on DESIGN.
  • Then Left-click on Military.


Step Two:


  • Left Click on Patrol Routes to get the patrol marker.


Step Three:



  • Once your cursor turns into a patrol marker, Left-click a spot on the map you want to mark your first spot.
  • Continue Left-clicking areas till you are satisfied with the route.


Step Four:


  • Once you are satisfied, Right-click with the patrol route marker and the patrol route build setting will pop up.
    • If you are satisfied, Left-click Finished Routing.
    • If you want to delete the last marker you had set, Left-click Remove Last Point.
    • If you want to start over again, Left-click on Start Over.
    • If you want to cancel the whole route, Left-click on Cancel This Route.
    • If you can’t see the placed markers, Left-click the box next to Show Designation.
  • If you want to access this building setting again, get the patrol marker from the Design > Military > Patrol Route and then Right-click to get the menu.


Step Five:


  • After you had clicked Finish Route, Left-click any of the set marker to access the Patrol Route setting of that set route.
    • This is where you set how many guards will patrol the route and which type of Military unit will be doing so.
      Marked boxes means you want that type of unit.
    • You can also set the Route Path: Loop or Ping Pong.
  • After everything is set, go to your Infantry or Archer unit, select them, press F5, and select Walk Patrol Routes.

You are finish!