◌ Left-clicking:

-If you left click objects, you can choose to deconstruct.

-If you left click a bed, you can set ownership.

-If you left click a (n) enemy, you can choose to charge the enemy. If enemy is dead, you can dispose corpse or even gather its resources.

-You can left click animals to either domesticate them or slaughter them.

-You can left click trees and bushes, to either cut them down fully through stump or harvest its materials.


Helpful Hints:

Hint: If you do not have a knife, you can equip a forager with a bow and a club to forage boars, chickens, and sheep.

Hint: Use always keep a certain # in stock for stone tools and have a stone mason auto build the tools whenever it gets low. Reduces macro management at early level. Only do this after you create tools. Prioritize any needed tools by queueing them in manually so workers can focus on that item first.)

(Hint: Make sure to use wood for the forge. Burning coal is a waste and it is not a renewable source of material. Make sure to use the seedlings you’ve obtained for a tree farm before using them for decorations.)

(Hint: You can use seedlings to create a logging camp and set your wood chopper to auto-cut those trees so that they don’t wander out into the dangerous wilderness.)

(Hint: Only start an animal farm after you have a wheat farm producing more wheat than the animals consuming wheat. Gathering chickens are the most important out of the animals for feather.)

(Hint: After building your defense, use your archers to whittle down your enemies that are approaching so that when your infantries do attack, they won’t have a hard time finishing them off.)

(Hint: Fire arrows are great at killing spider Monarchs, but it comes with environmental dangers called “forest fire.”)

(Hint: Be careful building stronger tools, weapons, or even ingots early since it will increase your town’s’ wealth, which in turn increases the monster spawn on the map.)