Menu Bar:

Game UI

◌ Design:

  • Objects:
  • Dig/Mine:
    • Designates an area to mine for the miners. (Color of Designation: Red)
  • Construction:
    • Designates building plans for the builder. (Color of Designation: Blue)
  • Farms:
    • Designates Plots of land for farmers to farm. (Color pf Designation: Orange)
  • Remove trees:
    • Manually choose areas of trees to cut down. (Color of Designation: Maroon)
      • Chop Mature – Cut down trees, but leaves the stump behind to regrow.
      • Clear Cut – Cut down an entire tree down, including the stump.
  • Roads:
    • Designate Roads towards town halls and end of map to allow travelers to visit. (Color of Designation: Cyan)
  • Hall:
    • Designate an area for the town hall where traders can sit and wait for merchants. (Color of Designation: Purple)
  • Livestock Pen:
    • Designate an area for livestock. (Color of Designation: Green)
  • Military:
    • Designate guard positions, or patrol routes for your soldiers. (Color of Designation: Light Blue markers)

(To deselect/cancel the designated areas for Dig, Construction blueprints, Remove Trees, and Roads, you must go to the corresponding designation box, Left-click the area you want to erase, hold shift+alt while dragging the yellow box over the designated area. For farms, left click the plot of land and remove. To delete Patrol Routes, Left-click any of the blue square markers, and click edit route. Then Right-click the blue square, and click “Cancel This Route”. Halls cannot be deleted, only replaced.)


◌ Queue:

  • Description: A queue menu for the user to use to rank the crafting order of items. “Currently in Queue” Option only.

How to use:

  • Right-click items in the Queue List to change the order of crafted items, crafting priority order list.
  • After Right-clicking the item, a window with four options will pop up: “Move Up”, “Move Down”, “Move to Top”, “Select”, and “Remove”.
  • “Select” Option will bring up a window of the item from the resource menu.

How to add items to Queue List:

  • The “Currently in queue” option in the resource window is the only way to add items in to the Queue list. This is so that players can prioritize items they would like craft first. Items in this list will always be prioritized first over the “Maintain in Storage” option.


◌ Resources:

  • Seeds: Displays the amount of Seeds in storage.
  • Raw Materials: Displays the amount of Raw Materials in the storage.

  • Processed Materials: Crafting recipes for Processed Materials used in Construction, Objects, Tools, Weapons, and Armor.

  • Hand tools: Crafting Recipe for Hand tools such as Pickaxes, Axes, Hoes, and Fishing Rods.

  • Weapons: Crafting recipe for Weapons.

  • Armor set and Shields: Crafting recipe for armor sets and shields.


Resource Menu Window:


◌ “Item Description”:

  • Displays brief information on the item.

◌ “Image of Profession & Lv”:

  • Displays the profession and level required to craft the item.

◌ “1 Raw Wood & 2 Standard Ingots”:

  • Displays the item requirements to craft that item.

◌ “Forge & Anvil”:

  • Displays the workshop required to make that item.

◌ “Currently in Queue”:

  • Use this option to add items you want to craft first (Prioritize). You can set priority of which items to build first in the Queue option.

◌ “Maintain in Storage”:

  • Use this option to autonomously craft an amount of items to keep in storage. Your workers will automatically craft the items when there are no items for them to craft in the Queue Menu.
  • You can’t prioritized “maintain in storage” items.
    • To prioritize the item, you add them to “Currently in queue” and go to the queue bar to set priority.



◌ Resource Tracking:

  • The player can Left-click any of the items in the Resources option and set them to “Track.” This is so that they can always keep track of the amount of resources they have in storage on the Right side of the screen.
  • A tracking list will appear on the left side of the screen when tracked.


◌ Storage Menu:



Description: This menu will display the current amount of storage space the player has, in unit weight.

The Numbers on the left is: Amount of items you have in that storage Type.
The Number on the right is: Max Storage Space (Can be increased by building more storage buildings).

◌ Storage Menu:

Type Item Category
Armor Armor sets and Shields
Weapons Weapons, Ballista bolts, and Arrows.
Tools Hand Tools
Food Seeds and Food.
Wheat Wheat (Not the seeds)
Treasure Gold Coins
Wood Raw Wood, Timber, and Strong Timber.
Metals Smelted Ingots, Scrap Metal, and Ore.
Masonry Raw Stone, Dirt, Sand, Bricks, and Plaster.
Misc Feathers, Leather, Wool, and everything else not listed.

 ◌ Storage Menu Color Changes:

Description: This menu will display the current amount of storage space the player has, in unit weight.

White Color: Normal State
Description: Lots of space to fill up.

Yellow Color: Caution State
Description: Warns the player that it is close to full.

Red Color: Full State
Description: Warns the player that their storage is full.


◌ Notification Window:

Description: At the bottom left corner is a scroll bar for notification window. It will display important information that the player may have miss: Game Pause, save, monster spotted, etc.

  • Notifications could be set through the Settler’s Preference Window.


◌ Settler’s Unit List Window (U):




Description: This window will give the player with an overview of their settlers’ professions, profession level, and what their current job is; allows the player to manage their settlers.

To access this unit list, press the U key.
The window gives an overview of the current units in the settlement. The player can change their settlers’ professions, see professions levels, unit count total, and jump to settlers.

If the player Right-clicks on the profession name, the list will automatically organized from highest to lowest level of that profession. If the profession name is click once more, the list will display the levels from lowest to highest.