Merchant Spawn Requirements:

  • You will need roads connecting from the hall to at least one of edges of the map. Each road connected to a four side of the map to a hall is increases the chances of spawning by 20-25%.
  • You will need to have gold coins to buy items, and materials and resources to sell.
  • The reason for connecting the roads to all 4 edges of the map is to increase the chances of spawning a merchant.
  • Wealth level and road your town also plays a role in spawning these merchants.
    • Halls cannot be removed at the moment, but can be replaced by designating another area.
    • Roads can be removed by clicking on design->roads, left click the area, hold shift + alt, and a yellow box will appear. Select the area to be deleted and left click again.


The window that pops up when you left click on an item in the resources bar is where you mark for resource tracking, buying, and selling of items.



When you tick buy: This means you want to buy item, telling your trader to trade items/gold for that item.

When you tick sell: This means you want to sell the current ite to the merchants that are coming.


When the merchant arrives, a trade window will pop up. They will either buy or sell items that you had ticked.

If the pop-up window doesn’t come up, that means the trade had failed because of these reasons:

You can’t buy more than your storage space or sell more than your gold space.

  • The merchant doesn’t want to buy your items
  • He doesn’t have what you want.
  • You have no gold for your trader to buy items off the merchant
  • Your storage is full.
  • You can’t buy more than your storage space or sell more than your gold space.

***If the problem is lack of coins for purchasing or the merchant not having or wanting goods, a bubble will alert you to that and the system will move on.

Ethrel Quote:

“The amounts are randomized based on the amount of product you are giving the merchant — either goods in the case of selling or coin in the case of buying. More goods usually equals larger trades. The only exception is that the merchant will never ever give you more than you can store, be it coins or otherwise.

You control how much you get by manipulating those variables. If you want more stuff, get more coin. If you want to sell more stuff, make more of whatever it is you are selling. Make sure you have the stockpile space to support trades in the goods you are trading.”

The importance of traders is that they can trade with merchant’s to get seeds that you do not have. You want to aim to get at least 1 seed of every type before you start buying random items.