How to get more units? Well you offer them gold and they say okay! – Yeah right. To gain more settlers, you need to have high food levels and roads connected to at least one of the four edges of the map to a hall. This doesn’t mean you will gain settlers instantly. This is due to the Migrant spawn mechanics of the game.

Migrant spawn mechanics:

  • You will need food to feed your population. 40 food per settler (over-eater traits changes this)
  • You need a town hall that connects to at least one of the four edges of the map.
  • Chances of you getting settlers is by chance of spawning during morning to midday.
  • Each edge connected to your hall by a road gives you +24.99% chance to get a migrant.

If you want settlers to arrive at your town, you need 40 more than total food needed to sustain your population. For example, 8 settlers x 40 food = 320 + 40 = 360~. You need about 400 food in total to start seeing this mechanic in action. Over-eaters will affect the total amount of food needed.

Quote from Ethrel: There is a minimum food needed for migrants. You need to feed the ones you have as well as the migrant for at least a day in order for a migrant to even spawn.
settlers go through something like 40 food a day (I don’t have the exact number in front of me).