Description: Necromancer, the lord of the undead, the ones who burn down villages when it pleases. In search of corpses to increase Nephthys army, she roams the land using her skeletons to search for new prey. Hide behind your walls for darkness is coming to haze your town with a wave of fire. Not even the high can save you from the brutality, they will bring.


Base Health: 250
Base Damage: 0
Spells: Ball O’ Fire – Shoots devastating fireballs (+80 Damage)
Base Defence: 0
Base Line of Sight(LoS): 5 block radius (During the day), 6.5 Blocks Radius (During the night)
Base Courage: 12
Base Movement Speed: 50% During the Day and Night.
Base Block Chance: 0%
Base Hp Regen: 0
Critical Damage Chance: 0

Invasion Spawns:

  • Spawns 1 max at a time. It is possible that one spawn one day, while another spawns on another day after. When spawned, other monsters will not spawn with it until the next spawn time.
  • Always spawns at least once in the beginning on Day: 9, 10, or 11.
  • Will search for the town hall while shooting fireballs to burn down flammable objects.

Item Drop: Nothing
Enemy: Goblins, Spiders, Undead, Wolves, Humans, Migrants, Merchants, and Domesticated Animals.
Allies: Wild Animals