Description: Captive spirits from the Necromancers army. These skeletons roamed the earth in search of life to fill up the gaps in their hearts. However, when life is found, a necromancer will later follow suit.

Base Health: 80
Base Damage: 12-24
Base Defence: 0
Base Line of Sight(LoS): 5 Block Radius (During the day), 6.5 Block Radius (During the night)
Base Courage: 9
Base Movement Speed: 30% during the day, and 35% during the night.
Base Block Chance: 0%
Base Hp Regen: 0
Critical Damage Chance: 0%

Invasion Spawns:

  • Spawns 6 to 13 as the days go by.
  • Skeletons will group up with other skeletons and necromancers on the map.
  • When Spawned, Skeletons will move towards and in search of the Human Settlers’ Town Hall.

Invasion Spawns: Spawns at level 1; Max Level: 20.
Item Drop: Scrap Metal
Enemy: Goblins, Wolves, Spiders, Humans, Migrants, Merchants, and Domesticated Animals.
Allies: Wild Animals


Equipment: Weapon Type: Damage Defence
Skeletal Shortsword Melee
  • +25 Damage
  • +0.02% Crit Chance
+25% Damage Reduction
Skeletal Claymore Melee
  • +45 Damage
  • +0.1% Crit Chance
+45% Damage Reduction
Skeletal bow Range: 4.5 Blocks +0.05% Crit Chance
Skeletal Round Shield Shield +0.15% Block Chance
Stone Arrow Arrows: Bow Ammunition +6 Damage
Bodkin Arrow Arrows: Bow Ammunition +10 Damage
Broadhead Arrow Arrows: Bow Ammunition +15 Damge