What would you guys like to see next?

Anyone Can Vote! You do not need to be signed in to do so. The poll will stay up for a week and from there, I will start with the one with the most vote.

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Trader Chart Added!!

Trader Chart Finish! And more news! (Soon)



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Trader chart – Almost done

Update on Traders chart and more news!


Hi guys!

I will be releasing the chart later on today. I just recently finished gathering up all the gold to resource and resource to gold information. There is an obvious 400% increase in profit to a level 20 trader, but it only affects the amount/cost of what resource players are selling to the merchant. Continue reading

Added Images to missing items.

Added Workshops, armors, shields, weapons, hand tools, processed materials, and updated monsters!

I believe I added more, but I am unsure since I was updating a lot.