Settler Preferences and Settings:

Settler Setting

The Settler Preference window allows you to adjust the Autonomy, notification, and sleep options of the settler.

  • Autonomy:
    • “Wait in Hall while idle” – Settlers will automatically move to the area you designated as the Town Hall when they have no more work to do.
    • “Independently chop nearest” – Wood choppers will automatically cut down nearby trees, leaving  stumps behind.
    • “Seek charge target enemies” -Infantry/Archer will automatically move to the “charge targeted” enemy the player selected.
    • “Walk patrol routes” – Infantry/Archer will automatically move to a patrol route and start patrolling.
    • “Stand at guard positions” – Infantry/Archer will automatically move to a set guard position.
    • “Operate siege weapons” – Infantry/Archer will automatically move to a siege craft weapon and operate it.
    • “Combat training using dummies” – Infantry, level 11 and under, will automatically move to a Target dummy and attack to gain experience.
    • “Stay Idle” – Infantry units will walk around aimlessly.
    • “Train using archery targets” – Archers, level 11 and under, will automatically move to a archery target and shoot to gain experience.
    • “Gather Berries” – Foragers automatically forages berry bushes.
    • “Hunt Boar” – Foragers automatically hunt wild boars.
    • “Hunt Sheep” – Foragers automatically hunt wild sheep.
    • “Harvest Wild Wheat” -Foragers automatically forage wild wheat.
    • “Hunt Chicken” – Foragers automatically hunt wild chickens.
    • “Loot Dead” – Tick for Foragers to automatically loot your dead settlers.
    • “Train under level 3” – Only for Artisan professions. Low level craftsmans can train under a level 3 or higher craftsman.
  • Notification Options:
    • “Notification bubbles” – Notifies you what the settlers are thinking/doing.
    • “Tool Breakage” – notifies you when the tool they are using breaks.
    • “Resource collected” –Notifies you what they collected.
    • “Resource crafted” –Notifies you what they crafted.
  • Sleep:
    • The sleep function has two configuration:
      • “Sleep autonomously based on fatigue”: Automatic sleep cycles based on the fatigue gauge bar.
      • “Scheduled Sleep”: Manually set when the settlers sleep during the cycles of the day.