♦ (F1) – Settler Main Information Screen


Name: The settlers randomized name. Can be manually changed by left-clicking on the name itself.

Level: Shows the current level the unit is at. The bar next to it is the experience bar and will fill up so with their professional crafts.

Status: (Normal –> Weakened/Flee –> Dead) –  It tells you the state the settler is in.

Health: Shows the health the unit has now. Full blue – full hp. Empty bar = Welp… He/she is dead. Dead units equipment will turn into scrap metal when looted by a foragers.

Morale: Full gauge bar means high morale, while empty gauge bar (more towards the left) means low morale. Morale is determined by the number of allies present vs the number of enemies, the threat of the enemy, the settler’s current health, their current equipment, and the courageous vs cowardly traits.

***Flee Mode: When “morale” becomes low during a fight, the unit enters flee mode where the settler runs away as the morale bar flashes red as a sign of panic. Also flees when outnumbered.

Fatigue: If the blue color goes to the right than the settler is getting tired, but if the bar is empty, it is fully rested. (such as the picture) RESTED Passing Out

Hunger: If the blue color is more to the right than the settler is hungry, but if the blue is more to the left, then it is less hungry (such as the picture).

  • Traits: Random Characteristic traits that are either give a positive or negative boost to your unit. ( Traits )
  • Current Task: Systematically shows the current task the unit is doing and the upcoming task that they will do after.