• In the Wild:
    • Sheep are cute, fluffy, and full of life.
      • Spawn rate: Dependant on the percentage given in the map generator when selecting a piece of land to start on.
    • When hunted, they will give:
      • When foragers equip a bow and arrow/wooden club, they can go hunt sheep:
        • Animal hair, animal hide, animal fat, and food.




  • When Herded:
    • Sheep will provide the town with a renewable source of wool.
      • Equip the herder with a shear to harvest.
      • Real Time:
        • Sheep wool: 5 hours, 33.3 minutes
          • Sheep wool: 0.00005 per second
    • When equipped with a knife, you can butcher the sheep and get:
      • Animal fat, wool, animal hide, and food