new spider

Description: Small Spiders that traverse the land in search of areas to live and spread their presence.

Base Health: 15
Base Damage: 5 – 10
Base Defence: 0
Base Line of Sight(LoS): 6 block radius (During the day), 4 Blocks Radius (During the night)
Base Courage: 5
Base Movement Speed: 50% During the Day and Night.
Base Block Chance: 0%
Base Hp Regen: 0
Critical Damage Chance: 0%

Invasion Spawns:

  • Spawns 0 to 5 as the days go by.
  • Spiders will group up.

Item Drop: Spider Silk
Enemy: Goblins, Wolves, Undead, Humans, Migrants, Merchants, and Domesticated Animals.
Allies: Wild Animals