Beginner Guide:

This guide will give you a hint on how to start the game. It will not teach you how to build a strong defense to live because that will just kill the point of the fun.

  • Starting Settler profession – (Press F2 when you click on the unit to access the profession screen to change jobs):
    • 1 Settler that will be changing between the Stonemason and Carpenter profession.
    • 2 – 3 Farmers (Minimum: 2; Dependent on traits & seeds)
    • 2 Miners
    • 1 – 2 Wood Choppers (Minimum: 1)
    • Starting Trait hints (Trait List):
      • You will need a Quick Learner trait for one miner. That is because you need him to level up fast to dig out higher level metals.
      • It is fine to have over-eaters in your settlement. Count how many over-eaters you have in your starting 8 units. If there are 3-4 over-eaters, then start with 2 farmers and a forager. If not, then start with 2 – 3 farmers.
      • (Traits do not matter till later when you want to optimize your unit, except for that one quick learner miner)
    • Equipment (How to Equip Items):
      • Settlers should be equipped with –
        • 1 Matching Profession tool
        • 1 Wooden Club (Can be made with a level 1 carpenter)
        • 1 Pattens (Pattens does not need to be made till later on)
      • Stonemason should be equipped with:
        • 1 axe, 1 hammer, and 1 stone tong.
        • 1 Wooden Club
        • 1 Patten
        • You can change the tools later when you get a dedicated stone mason and/or Carpenter.
    • Settler Settings: (How to Set the Settings):
      • All starting settlers should be set sleep autonomously
        • Sleep when Fatigue to Awake when Fully rested
      • You can schedule sleep if you’d like. Have them sleep at night.
      • Wood-choppers setting should be set to independently chop nearest trees.

Resource (How to use the UI):

  • Setting up Currently in queue:
    • When you start out in the beginning, you will be focusing only on stone tools. Do not rush metal tools till later.
    • Make sure that you have at least one tool for each settler. If not, add it to the queue.
  • Setting up Maintain in Storage:
    • After making sure each of your starting settlers have a tool, add two times the amount of units in that profession for stone tools (only). For Example: If you have two miners , you will need to maintain at least 4 stone tools.
      • This is my start after setting it in: 2 stone hammers, 5 stone axes, 4 stone picks, 6 stoen hoes, and 2 wooden clubs.
  • Setting up trades:
    • Starting trade:
      • Sell seeds if you have excess seeds.
      • Sell stone if you have excess stone.
      • Buy dirt and food.
      • Buy seeds you do not currently have.
      • You can also mark any other items you currently need or have excess of.
  • Resource Tracking:
    • Track: Food, Dirt, Raw Stone, Raw Wood, Sand, Feathers, wheat, seedling, coin, timber, brick, and plaster.
    • Track all the stone tools you are currently using.
    • Track any other resources that you need to keep watch of.

After setting all of this up, you can now start designating things.

  • Designate mining area: Only mine stone for now so you can have enough stone to create tools with.
  • Your wood choppers will automatically cut wood, so you do not need to designate an area for them.
  • Designate a hall and at least one road connecting it to a side of the map.

  • Designate farms (How to Farm):
    • If start off with food seeds, designate 4×3 plot of land for each seed type. For example: If you have pumpkin, turnip, and corn seed, then you would have placed in total three 4×3 plot of lands.
    • If you started off with no food seed, but a wheat seed and a non-food seed, have only one 4×3 plot of land for each and have the last farmer become a forager.
      • Have that forager collect wheat grass and berry bushes.
        • Stop the forager from collecting food after you get 280 food in total on your tracking bar.
      • After collecting and getting at least 250 wheat, change the forager to a herder and craft a crook. Then make a live stock pen. Fill up the pen with at least 3 – 5 chickens to raise for a renewable source of food called eggs. (Herding Mechanics)

Now you can hit the double speed button or normal speed to start the game. Your units will start doing their jobs. Next when you get enough resources, slowly build up your storage.

Setting up storage (Storage Building): 

  • Start aiming to build 2 wood stacks, 2 masonry stockpile, 4 food crate, 1 mine cart, 4 tool chests, and 2 resource crate.
  • Then build when ever you need storage. Make sure to upgrade the storage buildings that can be upgrade.

Setting up Workshops: 

  • Workshops to build –
    • 1 Workbench, 1 stone anvil, 1 stone forge, and 1 timbering bench.
    • If you didn’t start off with 2 twine for the stone anvil, you can go hunt boars with a club and bow equip (Do not need arrows) to forage them and get animal fur to create twine.

Now you are set to survive the early game! Next would be how to defend against the early weak mobs.

  • Do not try to 1 v 1 a skeleton with a no armor settler. Kite the skeleton back to your base so that all your villagers with wooden clubs equipped can instantly mob and kill the skeleton.
  • For spiders: Whenever you see one on the map, you can send a settler to kill the spider. Settlers can one shot spiders with a wooden club since spiders only have about 14-24 hp.
  • Wolves: Do not try to fight wolves with one settler. Wolves take 1 to 3 hits to kill an unarmored settler. Best choice to pull the the wolves back to at least three more of your own units.
  • Goblins: Do not fight 1 v 1 in all circumstances. You need to mob them or they will kill you fast.


  • Focus on building a strong enough defense to hold back skeletons, wolves, and goblins.
  • Maintaining stockpiles and storage.
  • Trading for goods you need and sell all excess materials that are renewable.
  • Train 2-3 full geared infantry and patrol the map.

Finally: Build A Nice and beautiful base. Enjoy!