♦ Traits:

A list of current traits in the game.

Positive Traits: Effects:
Good Vision:  +33.33% to Line of Sight radius; + 8 to accuracy
Strong Back:  +25% increase to Max Encumbrance
Athletic:  +50% to Movement Speed
Courageous:  +25% to Courage; which also adds 1.5x more damage.
Quick Learner:  1.25x Experience gain
Hard Worker:  1.25x Crafting/Work Speed
Charismatic: +5 levels to Trader Level (Max Level for Trader is still 20)

Negative Traits: Effects:
Bad Vision:  -33.33% increase to Line of Sight Radius; -8 to accuracy
Weak Back:  -16.66% to Max Encumbrance
Sluggish:  -50% to Movement Speed
Cowardly:  -25% to Courage; More likely to flee from a fight.
Disloyal:  Does Nothing in 1.7.1
Clumsy:  + 0.02% chance of tools breaking
Over-eater:  Consumes 12 to 48 more Food than a regular settler.
Lazy:  Crafting speed is slower than normal.