◌ Wood Chopper:




  • This profession allows you to gather wood by chopping down trees and collect seedlings from trees they cut. They can be set to autonomously cut down trees.
    They can also plant trees if you have saplings in storage.
  • As this profession levels, they start to cutting down trees at higher speed and increase wood and seedling drop rate.
  • Equip with stone picks, solid axe (unbreakable, 4% bonus resources), and sharp axe (unbreakable, 8% bonus resources).
  • Each Level-up: Faster gathering speed and higher chance of gathering more resources.


  • Decoration:
    • Tree (Level 2)
    • Hedge (Level 5)
    • Shrubbery (Level 7)
  • Storage (Wood):
    • Raw Wood Stack (Level 1)
      • Upgrade (Level 2)
        • Upgrade (Level 3)
  • Lighting:
    • Campfire (Level 1)